Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Alden is such a talker these day.  He is often very deliberate in his word choice and clever is describing concepts to us when we cannot understand his pronunciation of a word.  I've been doing  a lot of ordering from Amazon Prime Now these days because they deliver basic necessities (milk, cheese, popsicles, ice cream, paper towels, wine glasses... yes, wine glasses) to the house in a 2 - 4 hour time frame for FREE.  It's so much better than loading the kids into the car and going to the store.  Alden asked what I was doing the other day and I told him I was getting him milk.  He was fascinated that the phone could bring us milk -- and I told him a person would bring it and that we could look at the map and see where the person getting the milk was.  The real time map has a little dot that shows you where your house is and where the delivery person is so you can track their arrival.  Alden thought it was pretty cool and was excited when the milk arrived.

A week later, I was ordering again and Alden said, "is the dot coming here soon?"  I had no idea what he was talking about.  Of course, it's obvious what he was talking about because I just told the first part of the story and in this retelling there is not a week's worth of activities in between. But, in real life, I had completely forgotten about showing him the app with the dot moving towards our house.  I looked at him and said, blankly, "what?"  And he said again, "the dot is coming?"  I still had no idea what he was talking about.  "What dot, Alden?"  Now he was the one to be exasperated. "On your phone.  The dot.  It's coming?"  Now I thought he was talking about the bubble buster game I seem to have developed a minor obsession with and so I just sort of shrugged and said something about the bubble game.  Kailey jumped in and said, "he's talking about the map where you can track the delivery" and Alden said, "YES! The dot.  It's coming with the milk?"  Siblings are the best interpreters.

Then today, while we were riding in the car to school and listening to Moana songs Alden was recounting what part of the movie the various songs went to.  He said, "this is the song where Moana's dad is MAAAADDD" using his growly voice to emphasize the word "mad".  The next song he inquired, "what happens here?"  And I told him, "this is when she finds the boats to go on her journey."  Alden scrunched up his face in confusion and said, "JOURNEY? What's THAT word?" I said, "journey is like a big trip.  Moana goes on a big trip across the ocean.  That is a journey."  Alden thought about that for a moment and then said, "did Mama go on a journey when you were gone?"  He was talking about the previous week that I had spent in D.C.  My trips really seem to impact him.  You've never seen a kid so happy as when I get home.  He was dancing around, singing, hugging me, and proclaiming his love for everyone in our family.  And he kept saying, "Mama is HERE!" like he couldn't believe I had finally gotten myself extracted from the phone to materialize before him again.  I told him, "yes, Mama was on a journey to D.C.  A trip.  And I came back."  Alden said, "Moana is on a journey and Mama went on a journey... and ALDEN goes on a journey on a plane with Mama?"  I laughed and told him we had just been on a journey to San Diego.  He nodded, seeming to feel confident in his new understanding of the word.  I expect to hear more about journeying in the days to come.

It's fun to be able to have such full conversations with Alden and see how his questioning mind is processing the world around him.  He definitely takes it all in. He is such a bright and inquisitive little boy -- although, don't call him little!!  He will quickly correct you and either remind you that he is a BIG boy or claim that he is not a boy at all -- "I'm an Alden" he'll say with certainty.  That he is.

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