Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Birthday Weekend

We're nearly at the end of the birthday season in our house -- just Eric's to go.  And, Eric's is a little less compressed since he's about 6 weeks after me (a reasonable amount of time between birthdays).  Alden and Kai are 3 weeks apart and Kai and I are another 3 weeks.  It's a lot of birthdays.  I think this year, we managed the birthday madness well.  Alden had a party.  For Kailey's, we took a special trip and spent time with family.  And, for mine, we went away for a weekend as a family to Monterey and hit the aquarium and the beach.  So, really, they both got an added adventure thrown in! 

We went to the aquarium with Kai when she was about 3 years old and it was fun to go there again with Alden at that age.  He loved the sea otters, the octopus and the area upstairs designed for toddlers (the splash zone).  Kai is in the middle of doing a report for school about sea turtles, so she was super excited to see the sea turtles in action.  And, we also happened upon the Stanford University Marine Center open house, where she got to meet a graduate student who specializes in the study of sea turtles.  It was a fun day (other than the car ride to get there -- Kai used to be a great car traveler.  Now, not so much.  And, Alden has always been terrible at long car trips.  He gets car sick -- which is really not fun and means that he cannot do much of anything while in the car other than listen to music.  So, the car rides are torture on everyone). 

Anytime we go to a hotel with a pool, that's a vacation unto itself.  So, after the day at the aquarium and the Marine Center, we headed to the hotel and played in the pool and hot tub.  Alden cannot swim.  But, he is convinced he can and has no fear.  He jumps off the edge before anyone is ready to catch him and scares the bejeezus out of both of us.  So, while the pool is a blast -- it's also a little scary.  Alden will definitely be taking swim lessons this summer.   He has been getting better at floating on his back and can do it by himself with just a single finger from one of us supporting him.  And, when he's in the bathtub at home, he'll flip on his back and shout with glee, "I'm FLOATING!"  He is so anxious to catch up to Kailey and to be able to do all the stuff she can do.  He watches her with awe as she dives under the water and swims independently.  Soon, Alden.  You'll be there soon. 

The next day, we swam in the pool a bit more in the morning before heading to the beach for the day.  They had a blast playing with the kite, building sandcastles, eating a picnic on the beach, and chasing each other.  It was a fun day and they fell asleep almost immediately when we got in the car.  At 4 PM. Ugh.  I think they would have slept the whole way home but that would have been a disaster at bedtime.  So, we woke them up at about 5 and they were NOT HAPPY about that development.  The last couple of hours home were miserable.  They were both completely beside themselves. 

But, other than not being able to handle the discomfort of car rides -- we had a great time and it was nice cap to the birthday madness. Happy 41st birthday to me! 

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