Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fall Into It

Kailey is an avid reader.  She has read the Harry Potter series a couple of times (and has everything about the books and movies absolutely memorized.  We were at Sarah and Doug's house recently and Penny got out Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.  Kai and Penny knew the answer to EVERY question.  It was insane.  One of them was, "which of these is not an unforgiveable curse" and Kai knew the answer immediately and proceeded to then tell us what each unforgiveable curse did and what the curse that was NOT an unforgiveable curse did... it was insane).

Anyway, she loves to read.  My parents recently bought her a new series and she devoured the first book over the course of a weekend.  She was talking about how she loves reading but sometimes it takes a few chapters to really get into the book.  Then she said, "I like it once you fall into the books.  Once you fall in, it's like you're there.  It's like you aren't even in your own house anymore.  You can see and smell what's going on.  I love falling into books."

I don't read hardly ever anymore for fun.  If I have any free time, I feel obligated to do the laundry or catch up on this blog (ahem... clearly, it's been awhile since I've had any free time!!) or just veg out watching a show.  But, I miss falling into books.  It's a totally different way of escaping and experiencing the world around us.  I knew exactly what she meant.

Kai got her best report card yet in school this last trimester.  She got 8 Es (for Exceeds Expectations).  The rest was all M (Meets Expectations).  It was her first time not getting any Ps (Practicing Skills).  She has really developed into quite a student.  She uses her vocab words at home all the time.  I was nagging her recently and she turned to me and said, "mom, you're incessant."  I laughed so hard.  Mostly because that's a pretty common word to describe me -- but, also, it was just funny coming from her.

You can tell how much she loves school because she is constantly applying what she is learning at home.  And she's so excited to show us her work.  She was sick last week but rallied and went to school on Thursday and Friday.  I think she probably still needed to stay home, at least on Thursday, but she hates missing out on school.  She's fallen into it.