Sunday, February 26, 2017

All better

Alden is zooming towards three and leaving toddlerhood far behind him.  It's remarkable how much changes between two and three.  He now expresses he thoughts and desires in a way that is much easier to understand.  And, while still prone to tantrums and bouts of completely illogical reasoning, he can also be reasoned with now.

A year ago, he had to have an x-ray to check out what was going on in his chest -- and it sucked.  He screamed.  He couldn't be reasoned with.  He was terrified out of his mind.  This week, Alden and I spent a night at the ER together again -- another respiratory infection -- and the x-ray this time was so much easier.  I told him it was a big camera that was going to take his picture.  He seemed suspicious and looked nervous, but stuck out his chest and smiled for the camera.  So nice to be able to talk to him and explain what is going on!

I would like not to have to spend another night at the hospital with Alden -- it's not a fun place to be for an evening.  But, it did get me reflecting on how much he has changed.  He told me, "I don't like the hospital.  I want to go home."  He cuddled and observed everything going on around us.  He asked about the various noises and bleeps and beeps from the machines.  Towards the end, he was fed up with being there and having to have sensors on his fingers.  He told the nurse he was all better and could go home, realizing that saying, "I'm sick.  I don't feel good" was not going to get him home any faster.  He had a 102.5 fever, lowish oxygen levels, and a high heart rate.  We all knew he wasn't feeling well.  But, he looked the nurse in the eye and said, "I'm better.  I feel good.  I can go home."  And, that, is the difference between two and three.

Luckily, today Alden is feeling much better.  He is still coughing and still has a runny nose, but the fever is gone and he is bouncing off the walls.  I hate when they are sick, but I appreciate the ability to talk to him about how he is feeling.

We also took Alden to get a haircut recently, and he climbed up right on the chair, ready to go.  When the hair dresser told him to stay still, he froze in place.  He looked down as instructed.  Just between visits to the hair salon, he changed so much.  He is now so much better at following directions and understanding what is going on.  After his hair cut was over, he turned to me and said, "it's still long!  It didn't get cut!"  Eric and I love his shaggy hair, and so had only asked for it to be trimmed.  Alden noticed!

In just a few weeks, he'll be THREE!

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