Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alden Video Update

Alden is hard to get on video doing the gazillion of cute things he does every day.  At this age, Kai would let me interview her while filming her.  She would also sing songs while I filmed her.  Which is strange, because Kai is much more adverse to performing than Alden.  He is a natural born ham, but, he finds the phone distracting.  He just wants to look at it.  He doesn't want to perform or answer questions while the phone is out.  But, lately, I've caught a few things on video that capture some of his Alden-ness. 

The first one is Alden singing his ABCs.  He doesn't really have the song down.  It's more like A-B-C-D-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z... but, his singing voice is so cute.  And, he actually knows his ABCs.  Meaning, he recognizes all of the letters and can tell you which is which when you point to one.  He just hasn't quite memorized the song.  He also understands that letters make words and he is constantly pointing to words and asking, "what does that say?"  Today, I took the kids to a burger place after Kai's soccer game and told them they could have a milkshake.  I pointed to the list of flavors and asked what they wanted saying, "they have vanilla or chocolate or..." and I trailed off.  Alden said, "I want pineapple" looking at the flavor list which said, "pineapple" a few flavors below chocolate.  Pineapple is not a typical milkshake flavor.  It is also not a flavor we typically have or something he has eaten very often.  I looked at him and said, "what did you say?" and he repeated, "I want pineapple."  I have no idea if he recognized the word on the sign or somehow read it... but, it was weird (and, I didn't get him pineapple... I was splitting the shake between the two of them and Kai didn't want pineapple... but, now I'm feeling guilty about that and like I should have gotten him the pineapple one). Anyway, here is he singing:

And this video is of Alden picking out a video (so meta, I know).  Alden frequently says that he "loves" something or that he "doesn't like" something.  He is emphatic in his likes and dislikes.  And, when you ask him why he says, "because."  I think it's hilarious.  He also loves garbage trucks and says, "they pick the cans up off the ground."  He recognizes and can name all the various construction vehicles -- excavators, back loaders, front loaders, cement trucks, cranes -- if you name one incorrectly, he is quick to tell you the correct name of the vehicle.  I swear we didn't push tutus on Kailey at this age and we aren't trying to get Alden to obsess over construction vehicles and garbage trucks... but, these two have definitely made me think that gender is as much nature as nurture. 

And, while I said at the beginning of this post that Alden won't perform for the camera (when I ask him to) -- this video shows that it's not because he is not a performer.  He LOVES to perform.  Here, he's introducing a puppet show that he and Kai were trying to put on.  Well, Kai was trying to put on a puppet show.  Alden was having such fun being the announcer that we couldn't get to the puppet part of the show!

Alden knows that he is funny and frequently will be goofing off or doing something at an inappropriate time and then turn to me, when I'm not laughing (or even smiling) and say, "it's a little bit funny?"  The other day when I said, "NO, Alden.  NOT a little bit funny", he cocked his head to one side and asked, "it's a LOT funny?" And, of course, I laughed.  Since then, he'll clarify, "it's ZERO funny or a LOT funny?"  When I say it's zero funny, he replies, "no... it's a little funny." The fact that we always seem to laugh at these pronouncements basically proves his point.  This little boy is such a charmer.  Smiles around him are definitely hard to resist!

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