Monday, December 26, 2016

Alden Sayings

Alden is full of hilarity these days -- I need to carry around a recorder to capture all that he says.  But, a few highlights from recently:

- "it's wake up time... the sun is up" (while pushing back the blinds to demonstrate that I should no longer be in bed)

- "Mama, I'm sick".  When I ask him what feels sick he responds, "my toe!"

- "Santa is coming... I'll show you" and he stands up and walks around the table with his arms trailing behind him and says, "do do do... I'm Santa... and PRESENTS!"

- "the peoples is HAPPY" said in response to me saying no to him for some reason.  He also says, "I'm not whining... I'm happy" when trying to get something he wants.

- "I LOVE that song" said in protest to me skipping over a song on his Music Together CD.

In addition, he frequently breaks out in the ABC song, counts to 13, and sings other random songs he knows.  He changes the words of songs in order to make us laugh and acts out scenes from movies that tickle his fancy.

When opening presents this year, he was SO excited and would get a big, open-mouthed grin at each new gift.  He danced around saying, "YES! YES! YES!" and squealing with delight.  My parents got him rain boots that look like a fireman's boots and the box had flames on it.  When he opened it, he exclaimed, "I got FIRE."

He is so strong willed, a born lobbyist who understands the power of just keeping at your request.  He can wear me down with his persistence, but more often with his humor.

He has the most expressive eyes - instantly changing from bright and cheery to stormy and cloudy.

He's our expressive, independent, lovable, hilarious little boy.  A wish I could bottle his expressions and antics.  But, instead, I'll try to capture his essence here.

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