Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Kai recently decided that she wanted to wear glasses.  The only problem is she has perfect vision.  I remember wanting glasses really badly when I was her age -- well, a little younger.  I wanted them so much that I purposefully flunked the eye exam at school, earning me a trip to the eye doctor.  I didn't know that eye doctor's were not so easily fooled -- and that when he peered into my eyes he could tell I was a faker.  I didn't get glasses.  I did get in trouble.

Kai knows this story and is also smarter than I was -- so she didn't try to get glasses my faking bad vision.  Instead, she just started begging for glasses and insisting that she could have them with plastic lenses.  It turns out, two other kids in her class wear glasses at school that do not have prescription lenses.  It's a thing.

She wanted frame that cost $60.  Both Eric and I agreed that it was ridiculous to spend $60 so that she could wear glasses she doesn't need.  We refused. 

Kai has an allowance, though.  An allowance we frequently forget to give her -- so she tends to get it in $50 to $100 chunks a couple times a year.  This has happened a few times and she isn't much of a spender (she doesn't need to be -- we buy her all sorts of stuff!) so she had savings to spare and suggested she buy her own frames.  At first, it seemed crazy to let her buy her own frames, too.   She doesn't need glasses!  But, then we relented.  However, I told her that we could find them for less online. 

So, after a quick online spree, Kai chose her glasses and then set about waiting 2 days for them to arrive.  And, she's been wearing glasses nonstop ever since.  Although, when she first sees people that she knows, she freaks and won't wear them.  Even though the purpose, to her, is to trick people into thinking that she got glasses.  She can't keep up the hoax because she gets so freaked out and embarrassed by the theater of it all.  So, she rips them off and then announces that she got fake glasses.  And then proceeds to wear them as though they are real. 

 An 8 year old hipster.  Who knew!

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