Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Halloween has become one of our favorite holidays.  Orange Food Day used to be my favorite holiday -- but, that was because it was a day to watch trashy movies, play LOTR risk, drink far too much wine, and eat the orange processed food until I started sweating from sodium overload.  It's a holiday designed for adults (adults in their 20s that don't have children). We've continued the tradition since having kids and, truthfully, they LOVE it.  Who wouldn't? It's an excuse to eat Cheetos, drink Fanta, and play with friends.  But, since having kids, we haven't really been able to relish in the debauchery that is Orange Food Day.  So, it's lost its luster a bit, for me. 

I guess that's the way it goes with all things parenting -- the things you once did (and loved) become traditions you hold onto in an effort to hold onto the person you were prior to kids.  But, I'm not that person anymore and those traditions are more enjoyable for the folklore than the actual experience of it.  Not that we're going to stop having a day of Cheeto eating and Fanta drinking once a year.  Kai thinks its a legitimate holiday.  But, Halloween has become a bigger deal for us.  Which, I never would have expected, as I generally hate dressing up and could care less about candy. 

But, the kids LOVE Halloween -- and, really, that's all it takes for me to love it too.  They love the weeks leading up to it when they are planning and then trying on their costumes.  They love decorating the house and seeing all the decorations around the neighborhood.  There was a zombie like character on the porch of a house near Kailey's school, and Alden would crane his neck in anticipation whenever we got close to the house asking, "see scary little guy?  See scary little guy?"

Our neighborhood is a scene on Halloween, and so it's fun to get into decorating.  This year, Kai and Eric constructed a coffin together and then made a pumpkin-head man that was attached to a string so that he would sit up in the coffin to greet the trick-or-treaters as they came by.  And, of course, we had the giant spider that we lowered from the tree.  And glowing, huge eyes in the upstairs windows. 

Alden was equally into Halloween this year. He loved his costume and spent weeks leading up to the big day galloping around the house.  And, Kai spent endless hours practicing her gymnastics moves. 

The day of, we had neighbors and school friends over to the house for pizza (that no one ate because of the constant interruptions by trick or treaters at the door and the frenzy of the kids to get outside and GET. SOME. CANDY.)  Alden was a wreck during the dinner portion of the evening because he was so worried about not getting to go trick or treating and he wanted to eat candy so badly. 

Once we got out, we had 4 toddlers and 3 third graders -- which, is really not a great combination.  The third graders were fast.  They wanted to buzz from house to house and get as much candy as possible.  The toddlers were confused, overwhelmed, and easily distracted.  We quickly decided to split up -- the third graders going with Leanna's parents and Cathy, Darcey and I stayed with the little ones.  Eric manner our house and handed out candy.  It would have been fun to stick with Kailey -- she was having such fun -- but, it was also fun to be with Alden.  He wouldn't go to the scarier houses and was ready to head back home after one block. 

Once back at home, the party continued.  The kids played upstairs, eating candy and making up spooky stories.  We handed out candy and had fun with the other parents. 


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