Monday, October 24, 2016


Alden loves horses.  He has a couple of toy horses that he plays with all the time.  But, he prefers real horses.  He often wakes up and one of his first requests is to, "go ride horsey!"  When we're driving around time, he'll shout from the backseat, "ride horsey?" We got invited to a birthday party recently that had PONY RIDES.  This was great for a multitude of reasons.  First, because I had started entertaining the notion of throwing Alden a party with pony rides, but I feel like now that he's done that, I can save that pretty penny. And, who knows if this will still be his obsession come March.

We got to the party, and Alden's face lit up when he saw the pony.  No one else was taking a turn, so Alden offered up himself.  During the course of the party, there were many points where no one was riding the pony.  Alden wanted to hang out nearby in case there was an opening, and the owner of the horse was so nice in obliging him whenever there weren't other kids in line.  She also let him hold the reins while other kids got off and on and let him help to load the pony into the trailer at the end of the party. I felt a little bad -- it was almost like it was his party.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the birthday girl never went on the pony.  She was in tears for much of the party and had no interest in the pony. Alden was more than happy to take her place of honor in petting, feeding, riding and looking after the pony. And, there were so many kids and other things to do at the party (including a petting zoo), that no one seemed to notice Alden dominating the pony.  Look how happy he is!

Alden also had fun petting the animals and playing with his friends, when he wasn't lurking around the pony:

Alden's obsession with horses gave us the perfect Halloween costume idea -- a cowboy riding a horse!  I wasn't sure how Alden would feel about a pretend horse to ride -- but he LOVES it.  He asks to put on the costume all the time and goes galloping around the house, making his "click click" sound to imitate the sound of the horses' hooves.  I'll have to post pictures after Halloween night to capture the full cowboy costume.  He tends to reject the boots and hat -- he says, "I don't need those" and tosses them aside before setting off for another gallop around the house. 

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