Sunday, August 14, 2016

Olympic Routine

It's the Olympics!  The 3rd Olympics in Kailey's life... which is so weird.  How is she 8?!  I love how the Olympics are so inspiring for kids.  Kai has been wondering which of the many events she could compete in at the Olympics when she is a bit older.  She thinks gymnastics might be her thing, despite the fact that she doesn't like flipping upside down and isn't currently taking gymnastics.  Details, details.

Alden agrees that gymnastics is the sport for him -- and was practicing his floor routine on the deck the other day.  This video cracks me up because - in his head - he is flipping and twirling all over the place.  Every head nod is a flip.  His sideways leap/hops are cartwheels.  And, at the end, he sticks the landing!

Kailey also practices her gymnastics routines, too -- doing cartwheels and handstands all over the house.  She is also particularly good at doing handstands in the swimming pool.  Unfortunately, I don't have video of that. 

Alden watches her in awe and then gets back to his head bopping and sideways kicks in an effort to mimic her routine.  Kailey is such a great sister -- she doesn't correct him or point out that she does it better, as so many older siblings are prone to do.  She claps and cheers and tells him that he is doing great.  And, he does the same for her, clapping wildly after each of her routines.  I love watching them cheer each other on. 

Kai is also interested in doing soccer at the Olympics someday.  At least she actually currently participates in soccer.  So, while far-fetched, it is not completely impossible to imagine a future soccer career.  And, Kai has really been doing terrific at soccer.  She spent a week at soccer camp recently, and I couldn't believe the improvement in her dribbling and passing in a one week's time.  She is working hard at practices.  And, at the end of camp, her coach wrote her a card thanking her for coming to camp and noting how impressed he was that she would fearlessly challenge and go up against bigger players.  Kai has never seemed to be aware of her size -- at least not ever seeing her slight frame and height as a limitation in any way.  And, that's especially true on the soccer field.  She is fearless and determined. 

 It's going to be a jammed packed Fall.  I am traveling 15 days in September.  That's half the month on the road.  And Kai starts soccer games and has practice twice a week.  And Alden has music class and swimming lessons.  And there's back to school nights at both Courtyard and Discovery.  And getting into the swing of 3rd grade.  And continuing to adjust to Preschool.  I'm tired just thinking about it. 

I think it's good to have things like the Olympics on during days when I feel like it's all going to be too much.  I like the ideal, held out in front of me, of hard work and perseverance.  Raising kids and making sure they are experiencing a range of activities while working to help lead and shape their development is important work.  But, it's so tiring.  And, there are no breaks these days as we run from work to kid activity and back again. So, while I am certainly not on track to be an Olympian or any other kind of superstar, I can aspire to keep pushing and persevering in the things that I'm most focused on at the moment -- raising conscientious, well-balanced children who strive to be their best -- and striving towards those things in my own life and work. 

That said, I'm considering taking a day in the next week or so to binge watch the Olympics and gain my inspiration while eating popcorn and ice cream and marveling at the achievements of others.  :)

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