Sunday, June 19, 2016

Personal Goals

Kailey got an award at school on the last full day of school for achieving her personal goals -- which was the character theme that her school was working on over the previous month.  More specifically, her teacher gave her and one other student the award for their project-based work.  He said that Kailey takes her project based work to the next level, not just mastering the learning goals, but adding a level of detail that goes above and beyond.

This was such an appropriate award for her and a fantastic way to end a terrific school year. 
Kailey has been having a hard time with the end of the school year drawing near.  She has had a really special year and has so enjoyed all the class projects that she got recognized for in the assembly. Even on the very last day of school today, Kai was chattering in the car as we headed towards campus about raptors, the Yurok tribe, steelhead and the other things they learned over the year.  The project-based learning that Mr. C referenced when giving her the award involves picking a theme (ie: steelhead) to teach math, science, writing, reading, group work, etc is right up Kai's alley.  She has really enjoyed digging deep into the different topics and she just put a great deal of time and effort into every project.

During the raptor project, she didn't get her poster board completed the day they had in class to complete it.  She came home that evening and was a complete wreck.  She was distraught that her project was not completed to her standards.  And it was supposed to be presented at the Open House at school that evening.  Kai was so upset that she might have to present an incomplete project.  We brainstormed how she might carve out time in the school day before the Open House (which wasn't until evening) in order to finish the project.  Kai really became a full on student this year.  She wanted to perform her best and master all aspects of the subjects they were covering.  She said to me last night as we were cuddling in bed before she went to sleep, "I love school.  I'm excited about summer but I really love school." 

When she was in Kindergarten, we filled out a questionnaire about what our goals for Kailey were over that year. The number one thing we wrote was that she come away from the year excited about school and with a love of learning.  Needless to says, our goals were not met that year.  But, this year, Mr. C has inspired the confidence, thirst for knowledge, and a passion for school that were our goals for Kai that first year.  She has an exciting summer where hopefully -- through art, science, aquatics, theater, and soccer camp -- her love of learning and quest to do her best continues to be fostered.  And, I hope her third grade teacher can continue to inspire her.  It was a special year. 

Thank you, Mr. C.

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