Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mr. Manners

Alden's personality is so infectious and irresistible.  He radiates joy and passion and intensity.  He's also exceptionally well mannered, for someone so young.  I've been in many a conversation with other moms after saying to our children, "what do you say?" when they are given something and - once again - forget the gratitude.  Most children need constant reminders to say "thank you" or "please".  But, most of the time, Alden starts with a please.  And his unprompted "dit dous" catch me off guard and warm my spirit every time he does it -- which is most of the time.  Nearly every time we hand Alden something he wants, the first thing he says is "dit dou!" 

Linda Ann was saying awhile back that, for a time, he seemed to think that the worlds "please" and "thank you" meant that he should immediately get whatever he desired.  He thought of them more as magic words that translated into immediate gratification. 

But, he's learned that - especially "thank you" -- is an expression of gratitude.  And, when he says it, he really means it.  It's so sincere.  He's even incorporated "thank-yous" into his make believe.  We go through the drive-thru at Starbucks every once in awhile (really, not nearly as much as you'd expect -- we're pretty good about making coffee at home).  But, this week, the carafe of our coffee pot broke and so we were without a coffee maker for the latter half of the week (we now have a new coffee maker -- it turns out that I hated that coffee maker anyway and the carafe was a good excuse to buy ANOTHER coffee maker.  Man, we've been through a lot of those. How hard is it to make a good coffee maker?!?!?)  Anyway, we went through the drive-thru at Starbucks a few days in a row because of the coffee maker fiasco.  And, we also had Alden with us because he's been waking up at 5:30 AM and so we've been ready to go by 7 AM lately (even though we don't have child care until 8 AM!)

On Friday, when we were going through the drive-thru, Kailey shouts from the back seat, "Alden is doing it!"  And, indeed, Alden was talking to his window, pretending to hand money out the window and then accepting something back through his window and shouting, "DIT DOU!" before pretending to take a sip.  It was hilarious.  Thank you!  Even in his pretend play. 

While I was writing this, Alden just came over to me and said, "lap" and pointed at my lap where my computer is sitting, clearly wanting to take the spot of the computer and cuddle in.  I, of course, let him.  He's such a snuggle bug. 

I love you so much, Mr. Alden!!

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