Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Alden is an inquisitive and insistent little boy.  He is intent, these days, on understanding decisions and the reasoning behind everything. 

"Why" has become his favorite word.  Especially when we say "no" to him.  He asks for something (like an Elmo video), we say "no", and he says, "Whhhyyy?"  Not really in a whiny way.  In more of a mournful way.  But, he also really wants to know.  He'll turn my face to his so we are making eye contact and then say, "whhhyy?" as though imploring me to have a valid reason. 

I'll answer him and say, "because we don't watch videos in the morning."  If that isn't enough, Alden will once again say, "whhyyy?"  This can go on for many rounds.  But, more often, I'll say something like, "because we don't watch videos in the morning" and Alden will reply, "oh."  Oh! Like it all makes perfect sense now. 

It's hilarious to talk to him with all his questioning and, then, seeming understanding.  Oh! 

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