Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bike Riding

In a week, Kai has gone from not being able to balance on her bike, to being able to ride around the neighborhood, turn sharp corners, and speed along with the best of them.  She is so proud of her newfound skill -- and it's opened up a world of possibilities.  Like riding to school in the morning!  There is a bike trail that goes near our house to downtown Sacramento, coming out just a few blocks from Kai's school.  Of course, we wouldn't let her do that alone -- but, it could be great fun for Eric and Kai to bike to school/work together in the morning.  And, Kai is excited about the possibility.

In addition, it means bike riding will be a big part of our summer.  We have a bike trailer that Alden can ride in, so we can all go out together.  Of course, per my last post, Alden has little interest in sitting in a trailer while the rest of us ride bikes.  He also wants to be on a bike, scooting along beside us.  So, that might pose a bit of trouble.  But, we'll see if we can get him interested in the trailer.

Kai has such determination and grit when mastering a new skill.  She just keeps at it.  Practicing over and over. She doesn't love learning in front of others -- but, she'll do it in order to master a new skill. 

Next up is a new bike for her -- one that doesn't need the tires pumped up every other day!

Go, Kai, go!!

(also, note that Kai is wearing a jacket in this video.  At the end of May.  In Sacramento.  We've only hit 90 a couple of times this year.  The weather has been so mild and nice.  It's a big strange.  Maybe we won't have such a blazing hot summer this year?  One can hope).

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