Sunday, April 10, 2016

Showing His Skills

Alden is such a sponge.  It's impossible to capture all the moments in a day when he says something or does something that makes us all stop and marvel at how much he is observing and synthesizing.  It's a frustrating stage because he wants to do everything by himself and he understands how things are done, but he has a hard time doing them.  But, it's also so amazing to see how quickly he does master things and how very much he understands.

The other evening, I gave both Kai and Alden popsicles after dinner.  Alden was quite enjoying his treat, and slurped it up.  He finished and turned to me and said "more" while signing the word.  I told him that he couldn't have any more, we only got to have one popsicle.  He looked at me and said "more" again.  I told him that he had already had one and that one was all he could have.  He shook his head and then said, "two!"  I laughed and said, "no... just one.  Not two.  But, good counting!"

He's counting.  Crazy.

Then, yesterday, he and I were driving home from his music class and I was not paying attention to what I was doing, and realized I had over shot where I needed to turn to get to the dry cleaner.  So, I was winding my way back and we ended up driving by Eric's office.  As we drove by, Alden shouted from the back seat "Dada!  Dada!" while pointing at his office.

He had done the same thing many months ago when we drove into Cathy and Aaron's old neighborhood.  This was before they had moved -- meaning it was back in October or even September.  And, Alden had not spent much time at their house at all -- since we do the nanny share from our house almost all the time.  But, still, we pulled into their neighborhood and Alden looked around and shouted, "We! We!"  He knew exactly where we were.

He notices so many things -- like the way that we play the piano.  He doesn't bang on the keys the way most kids his age would.  He has observed how we use one or two fingers at a time, and he sits at the piano and tries to play in the same manner.  The other day, he was playing the piano and Kai came into the room and said, "Oh! It's Alden playing!  I thought it was Daddy because he was playing the notes so gently."

This morning I had to change the bags of the diaper pail -- and he stood by me and watched the whole thing.  He does that when Eric is building too, crouching down to watch what he is doing.  He is so observant and intent on learning everything he can.  I know he knows and understands so much more than we even know. But, I love watching him bust out with all his skills each and every day!

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