Saturday, March 5, 2016

Positive Attitude

Every month at Kai's school there's a monthly character assembly.  They give out awards to the kids from each grade who best exemplified the character trait they were working on over the course of the last month and then introduce the character trait they will be focusing on in the coming month. 

In February, the character trait they were focused on was having a positive attitude.  Kai and her friend, Leanna, got the award for best exemplifying that trait.  In introducing her to give her the award, Mr. Cunningham said that they do a lot of thematic units in the class that cut across subjects, like focusing on polar bears, the Yuork Tribe, and - currently - steelhead.  He then said that no matter what the subject matter or theme, Kai is enthusiastic and brings energy and excitement to the subject.

I have to agree -- Kai generally exudes positivity.  She has been loving school this year and truly has been excited about each of the units, jumping into the car in the evening and chattering excitedly the steelhead that opened their eyes, or the dioramas they're working on, or the math book she's completed. She brings energy and cheer to nearly everything she does, sometimes it spills over into bossiness as she tries to rally those around her to be engaged in the work (and, to do things the way she wants them done!).  But, she's working on that. 

Here's to our positive girl!

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