Thursday, March 31, 2016

Person, place or thing

This morning, Kailey and Alden were sitting at breakfast together, each jabbering to themselves and playing with (I mean eating, of course) their food.  Alden started saying, "neo - unnn", "neo - unnn" and Kai perked up and said, "Alden, are you saying NOUN?  NOUN"

He looked at her and said, "neo -- unnnn".

She smiled and said, "NOUN... that's a person, place or thing" and Alden immediately replied, "oh!"

It was so funny.  He was right on cue - as though he had totally understood what she just said.  "Oh!"

(It turns out there was a kitten scratching at the door and Alden was saying "meow" to let us know that the kitten wanted to get in.)

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