Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Crush

Kailey has had a bit of a crush on a 4th grader named Peter Okomoto this year.  She blushes when she says his name.  And was excited when he ran for the Spirit Commissioner at school, because it means he leads the school in cheer at all the assemblies. 

Kailey also ran for student council this year and - along with two of her classmates - got selected to be the class representative for 1/3 of the year.  It is now Kailey's turn to be the class rep (which, incidentally means she's 2/3 of the way through the 2nd grade!!!) When I picked her up Wednesday of this last week and asked her how school was, she reported that she had gone to her first student council meeting.  Then she reprimanded me for not packing her a home lunch and told me that she needs a home lunch on student council days.  I love having to be able to do things without knowing in advance what it is I'm supposed to have done!

Anyway, I asked her how the meeting went and she replied, "it was awkward."  I thought that a strange word choice so I pressed her.  "Well, Peter is in Student Council.  But, luckily, he sat way on the other side of the room.  Still... it was awkward."

Kai isn't the only one with a crush.  A 1st grader has a big crush on Kailey.  She knows this because he told her, along with anyone else that would listen.  And he's made her cards.  And bought her stuffed animals.  And given her candy.  It's a bit much, really.  Although, it is clear Kai finds it endearing and cute and isn't bothered by it.

It's all adorable at this age.  I'm sure a few years from now, it will just have me worrying... but, these young crushes are super cute. 

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