Sunday, March 20, 2016

2nd Trimester Report Card

Kai is having a great year.  Her second grade teacher is just amazing.  Like every other year, Kai is getting a bit of spring fever which corresponds with getting her name on the board more and having to "owe some time" at recess with increasing frequency.  But, in past years, I think the frustration with the exuberant behavior has spilled over into more negative assessments of her performance in the classroom.  Mr. Cunningham, for whatever reason, seems to be able to keep the two things separate.  I think part of it is that Kai is still engaged in the classroom because he makes the lessons so engaging.  He does thematic learning, so that they are studying a certain subject (right now it's steelhead) and all the subjects are about steelhead in one way or another.  He also really lets them be involved in the projects, moving around, creating, talking to each other.  And, for Kai, that is so important.

The end result is that Kai just got her best assessment on a report card ever!  Mr. Cunningham wrote:

It says: "Kailey has worked very hard this trimester. Her reading rate has jumped from 96 words per minute to 131 words per minute while maintaining a very high level of comprehension.  Kailey is responding well to our small group collaboration and literature circle groups.  She enjoys our thematic units and is managing a nice balance between core understanding of curriculum and the creative element in our projects.  I'm very impressed with Kailey's writing despite the higher expectations for structure and descriptive language.  My goal for Kailey is that she continues to develop as a class leader and work to stay on task."

We're so proud of her and also in awe with how much she has learned this year and how she has taken to school.  Mr. C is a teacher we will all remember for many, many years to come.

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