Monday, February 22, 2016


Eric got this great picture of Alden sitting with Dash this weekend, just giving him some love before he busied himself with jumping, running, climbing and MOVING.  I love these pictures when you can just capture the sweetness for a minute. 

Alden has immense amounts of sweetness.  Every morning he wakes up and snuggles in for some extra love, rubbing my face and enjoying the stillness of the morning.  It lasts about 3 minutes, and then he grabs my face, turning it to be sure to make eye contact with me, and he signs the word "milk" with a look of total seriousness on his face.  He continues to do that, turning my face back towards him if I attempt to look away, until I say to him, "you want milk?" and then he nods and says, "yuuusssss" glad to have gotten confirmation of his request.

This morning, he shot up in bed yelling, "La La! La La!" That's what he and Will call Kailey.  He had heard her in the other room, and was eager to see what she was up to.  But, as soon as I confirmed that Kailey was indeed up and about, he snuggled in for his morning cuddle before squirming out of bed to see what was going on.

When Kai walked into the room, he ran over to her giving her a huge hug.  Her face burst into a grin, and she hugged him right back.

He'll be playing and stop, mid-action, and run over for a quick hug or snuggle.  We all relish in Alden hugs, asking for them constantly (and he usually obliges).  But the best are all his unprompted bursts of affection. 

He's growing more independent every day, repeating more and more words, trying out expressions and faces.  We love watching him grow and change. But, even as he gets a bit more independent, the Alden affection remains.  It has really been a core of who he is since the moment he was born.  Alden is pure sweetness.  Even the kittens sense this about him.  I would expect kittens to run in terror for a toddler -- but, they let him cuddle up to them.  I think they sense his loving nature and good vibes. 

I wish I could bottle it up -- there are so many times during the day when I just need that burst of sweetness and love that our little guy delivers up. 

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