Monday, February 15, 2016

My Valentine

We've never been ones to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I think it's OK to let a holiday or two slip by -- especially given how we go all out on some celebrations (just wait for the Kailey birthday posts this year...)  But, because of school, Kai is all about Valentine's Day.  Without any prompting from us, she woke up on Sunday morning (which is when Feb. 14th happened to fall this year) and yelled, "it's Valentine's Day!"  Then she set to work at her art table (I'm just going to pause here to note how AWESOME the idea of an art room was for Kailey.  She spends hours at her art desk every day, creating all sorts of things.  She absolutely loves having that space to create her masterpieces.  And, it does contain the mess to some degree -- she's also really good about cleaning things up when asked.  This morning she organized her construction paper in rainbow-color order.  Ahhh... early signs that she's as OCD as I am when it comes to how things should be arranged!)

Anyway, she got to work creating Valentine's for everyone.  She made Eric and me 3 each!

My favorite said, "You are so nice.  You light me up.  You love me and I love you.  From: Kailey.  To: Mom"

She lights me up to -- and she's warmed me to the idea of Valentine's Day.  I love our little Valentine to the moon and back!

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