Saturday, January 9, 2016

Words and Movement

Alden has had a language explosion over the last few weeks.  He is now repeating words when we say them and busting out with new words I didn't know he knew every day.  We were counting all the words he says, and it was too many to count.  Many of them are quite difficult to decipher if you aren't a "familiar listener" (I love that term -- the doctor told us when Kai was about two-and-a-half  or so that a familiar listener should be able to understand what she's saying 75% of the time.  Which, we could... but, no one else could get even close to that percentage!  That's kind of where we are with Alden, only since he's only one-and-a-half I would say we understand him about 50% of the time).

He makes a ton of animal noises and can say meow, neigh, woof, cheep cheep, moo, shhhhh (for a snake), cluck, and quack.  I tried to get it on video, but so far, no luck.  He also knows nearly all his body parts:

And says, "Nooo" in the most definitive fashion possible.  He says "no" maybe a thousand times a day.   He's very good at it.  I didn't really capture it in this video, but, it gives a flavor of his favorite word:

He also can do a two-footed hop and really gets some air.  He loves to "ump" "ump" (as he says).

He's at such a fun (and aggravating) age.  There is so much that he understands.  But, even with his language explosion, there is so much that he cannot say.  So, we are in the land of frequent melt downs as he yells in frustration "NOOOOOO" when we continuously guess wrong at what he wants.  But then, when we guess right, his face explodes into the biggest smile.  Alden really has an amazing smile.  And he'll reward us with a pat on the back or a cuddle.  He also does a full body nod -- as you can see in the video above.  When he's really excited he does the full body nod while hopping up and down.  It's hilarious. 

At night time, he continues to get up 2 - 4 times a night.  He is such a light sleeper and his pacifier falling out of his mouth or me rolling away from him (he hates that) wakes him right up.  He likes me to sleep on my back so he can lay his head on my shoulder and rub my face.  It sounds adorable, but sometimes at 3 in the morning, all I want is to curl up by myself on my side and have some non-toddler time.  That doesn't happen much. 

He has such clear opinions of things and is so enthusiastic.  His joy and energy abound.  I know these days will be over in an instant and I'll never get these sweet cuddles, hugs, kisses, face grabs, and smiles back.  He's the sweetest boy and we love watching him learn and change!

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