Thursday, December 10, 2015

Second Grade Report Card

Kailey's writing skills this year are really taking off.  No longer does she write outside the line, in big letters, tacking letters on vertically when she runs out of space on the page.  And, her stories have structure and so much detail.  It's amazing to see how much she has learned in just a few months in second grade.  I am going to try to save some of her writing and transcribe it here.  The story she brought home this week is "My Favorite Holiday".  Her teacher has them put together a writing web to organize their thoughts, and then write 5 paragraphs based on that web. 

"My Favrit Holiday is Crasmas.  By: Kailey
On Crasmas you get a Crasmas tree from a tree farm and you cut down the tree and the pepol who work thar will rap the chrmas tree in string to put on the top of your care and driv home. 
When you get home you get out your Chrmas tree decorasnons then you get out your Chrmas tree stand and stand teh tree up.  Then you cut the strong off the tree and then you decratit with lights to the top.  Then you put on the orments then finally you get to put on the star at the vary top of the tree.  Then you can tern off the lights.
For Chrmas I want a flut, a piano, and a violin.  My mom side it will be vary expensof to by just tree instrments for Chrmas.  I might want a new bak pak because I have had the bak pak sence Kindergarden! I also want to have a fier on Chrmas because winter is cold and I want to be warm.
If you put stokings up by the fier place you can put toys and stof in the stoking and on Chrasmas you can look into the stoking and see what is inside the stoking.
When it gets to Chrmas you can take the prasints from under the tree and opind the ones that say your name.  You can also take the stoking that seys you name in a coler and look what is inside it and mabiy your family will build a fier so you can warm up by the fier and drink hot coco."
I love her image of Christmas -- even if it is way more traditional than we ever really planned!!  Ahh how parenthood changes a person :)
We just had her parent teacher conference last night -- and she is doing excellent in 2nd grade.  She got "Exceeds Expectations" for her writing, science, demonstrating effort to do her best, and following complex directions and instructions.  In all other areas she's meeting expectations -- and I can tell she is learning and really enjoying school this year.  Her teacher is phenomenal and the assignments are interactive and hands-on.  Kai comes home excited to share things she has done and she is practicing her writing, math and projects at home without being prompted. 
Her teacher wrote about her:  "Kailey has transitioned from first to second grade very well.  She works very hard and seems to enjoy both the academic and social elements of our class. I'm impressed with Kailey's enthusiasm for learning, critical thinking and kindness toward her peers.  She is really excelling in Science and brings great enthusiasm to the subject."
Good Work, Kailey!!

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