Saturday, December 12, 2015

Little Boy

Alden just got the second haircut of his life this last weekend -- and this time we let her cut off the curls in the back.  He looks like such a BOY all the sudden.  Compare the picture above with the ones below... Where did my baby go? Seriously, how can a hair cut make such a huge difference? I'm so glad that Linda Ann snapped the picture above -- it's hard to catch Alden smiling and being still at the same time.  Most of my pictures are just a blurr of blonde hair!

It's not just losing those baby curls that is evidence that his baby-ness is being left behind.  Alden is practicing being a two year old with all his might lately.  He is a boy that knows what he wants.  As has been the case his whole life, Alden LOVES music.  But, now, he has very specific songs he wants to hear.  We'll ask him if he wants to play some music and he'll nod in the affirmative, bending at the waist, so that it's a full-body nod while he grins ear to ear.  He really knows how to say "YES!"  Then we'll turn on a song and he'll scrunch up his face, furrow his brow and shake his head "no" very vigorously.  Wrong song.  We'll try another one.  Wrong again.  Once we find the song he was thinking of -- he'll burst into a grin and start jumping and dancing and spinning.  It's hilarious, although, it can be a little frustrating guessing which song he has in mind.  It's never the same one. 

He also loves dancing.  As opposed to most 20 month olds, Alden experiments with different movements.  He'll try jumping, moving his head from side to side, bending his shoulders, spinning... it hasn't been the easiest thing to capture on film, but here's a video of one of our recent dance parties:

He also has an evolving sense of humor.  No one can make Alden laugh harder than Kailey.  They crack each other up and work each other into a frenzy. 

And now they share a room!  For some reason, Alden turned on a dime and is suddenly extremely difficult to put to bed at night.  I was gone for a couple of nights for a work trip, and every since returning, I cannot get Alden to go to bed.  He freaks out in his crib, and even managed to hop out of it in a fit of rage the other night.  So, that's not safe!  No more crib for Alden.  We decided to lower Kai's bed so that it is no longer a loft -- but rather just a normal twin bed.  And we set up the toddler bed in her room so they can share a room - but, then, if Alden decides to crawl into bed with Kai at night, he's not going up a ladder and risking falling out.  We thought that might be the answer to our sleep problems -- but, he has continued to resist going to sleep at night, screaming whenever we attempt to leave the room, and flying into hysterics.  Last night was a little better -- I stayed with him until he was asleep, but the whole routine only took an hour as opposed to the 2 - 3 hour ordeals of the previous 4 nights. 

He really likes his toddler bed and is napping in it without any issue.  But, something has got him worried at nighttime -- so, we're working through that. 

Alden also has developed the most hilarious way of getting Eric's attention.  He hollers out, "DAAAAA-DAAAAA" at the top of his lungs but in a way that is somehow exceptionally cute.  He is very into his daddy these days.  He loves doing projects with Eric.  Whenever the tools come out, Alden gets very excited to help out.  He follows Eric around and whenever he leaves the room, Alden hollers his distinctive "DAAA-DAAA".  I caught it on video:

The combination of the haircut, toddler bed, opinions, jokes, newfound skills, increased communication, and big kid problems -- it's clear that Alden is not a baby anymore.  But, still, when I ask him, "who's my baby?" he hugs me and says "Bab-ee".  So, maybe for a few more months, I'll get to hang onto those baby cuddles and that baby sweetness. 

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