Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Over Kailey's strenuous objections, I signed her up for soccer this Fall.  She insisted that she hates soccer and didn't want to play.  I told her that she might get to play on our neighbor - Nora's - team.  That made her slightly interested, but she still told me that she doesn't like soccer.

Kai has never been on a real soccer team; although, she's been doing soccer-like activities since she was 18 months old.  The team she was on in Oakland (that I coached) was co-ed and they never had games -- just scrimmages on small fields on Saturdays.  Kai didn't really like playing with the boys and generally didn't enjoy that season.

But, I thought we should give it one last try, so signed her up this year (I skipped last Fall because of the insanity with moving and settling into our new house).  Even though Kai had said she had no interest in playing, she was on fire the first practice.  And this even though she didn't get put on Nora's team -- when I found that out, I thought my whole idea for soccer was completely done for.  But, she surprised me.  When I broke the news that she wouldn't be on Nora's team, she was disappointed but agreed to still give the season a try.  And, like I said, it all clicked at the first practice.  She loved it.  And, I agreed to be the Assistant Coach for her team (seriously, what am I thinking?  I went from almost pulling her out of soccer altogether when I found out she didn't get on Nora's team because two practices a week and a game every Saturday with a kid that didn't want to play seemed like more of a headache than even I can handle -- and, within 24 hours, I had decided to help out with coaching and Kai decided she loved the sport.  Never say never).

In the seating tournament, she was all over the field.  Seriously, all over.  The head coach was laughing and saying, "she never stops running."  So true.  She scored two goals and came away beaming from ear to ear.  She is a soccer convert.  She was so excited to pick up her uniform, buy new shoes, and has been practicing at home.

I don't know what came over her -- but, it's been so fun to watch.  Soccer was my sport as a kid (and Eric's) and it's fun to see her take to the game and get so excited about it.  She has been completely jazzed at every practice and improving before our eyes.  Can't wait for the first real game this weekend!

Pictures from the seating tournament:

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