Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Alden loves to sing.  He has hummed along with songs for months.  And now, he has learned how to sing the tune of our favorite bedtime song, "sleep sleep"  The song goes, "sleep... sleep... sleep sleepyhead... sleep... sleep.... cuddle in your bed."  It is hard to capture on video, but Alden can get the tune pretty close and, at least to us, it's clear he is saying, "sleep sleep."  He wakes up in the morning and starts singing that song.  And he sings it along with me at night.  It's adorable.

He and Kai are also the dancing/car dancing team.  They love to boogie.  When I turn on one of their favorite songs in the car (at the moment, "Uptown Funk" is probably the most preferred song), Alden gives Kai a sideways glance as if to say, "are we going to do this?" and then they both start to go crazy.  So hard to get on video since I'm driving -- although, I did post that one awhile back of Alden rocking out. More recently, I captured Alden dancing in the living room -- I love how he keeps trying to hop! He has actually started to get some air!

Alden has also learned an amazing number of body parts.  I think our nanny must have taught him all of this.  I didn't!  He is definitely in that sponge-stage where he picks up on everything we do.  You can see him just watching us trying to figure out what we're doing and how to replicate it.  And, he loves picture books where he can learn new vocabulary.

Here he is showing off his knowledge of body parts!

It's clear he is in full-on toddler stage.  He runs, never walks.  He dances.  He sings.  He knows what we're saying and often gets that glint in his eye when he - very purposefully - does exactly what we told him not to do.  He understands the concept of time outs.  He pushes limits.  He insists on feeding himself -- which is so tough, since he signifies he's done by hurling his food off his tray and onto the floor with no warning.  He is learning more and more vocabulary every day.  Kai often looks at him and just says, "Alden, I love you sooo much."  That's exactly how we all feel. 

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