Friday, September 4, 2015

First Haircut

Alden's hair has been growing straight into his eyes for some time now.  I am constantly pushing his bangs out of his eyes, but it was clear he needed a bit of a trim.  Just a bit.  I didn't want anyone touching his adorable curls in the back, although, Eric pointed out that they were a bit unruly and all different lengths.  Unsure on whether I wanted anyone touching his sweet hair, but recognizing that the whole bangs in eyes things had to be irritating, off we went to get Alden his first cut. 

My goal had been to find an over-the-top kids place where he could sit in a little car and blow bubbles or something while having his hair cut.  But, we ended up doing it on a Saturday in-between a run to Home Depot and in the middle of the deck building project, so I decided to just take the easy approach and we landed at a Super Cuts. 

The woman who cut his hair was great -- very good at dodging around a squirmy baby with sharp scissors.

Alden especially didn't like it when she was cutting the bangs, but was otherwise kept mostly still with the bribe of a lollipop (a lollipop we promptly took away from him when the cut was over, because we didn't want him full of sugar... man, that was a temper tantrum!)

And, of course, we snapped pictures throughout:


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