Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day of Second Grade

Well, the summer is over (although, I still have some posts to write about the end of our summer -- including videos of Alden, deck building, etc... it's coming.  I just have to find a few spare moments).   But, yesterday was the first day of 2nd Grade! 

Kai was really excited about the start of school.  This was the first year that Kailey is returning to the same school she was at the year before -- which makes such a big difference.  She has a group of friends that she loves.  She knows the school and the routine.  She knows her teacher, even though she hasn't spent a lot of time with him.  So she was more excited than nervous.

The report from the first day was good.  She said driving home, "Courtyard is a great school.  I love it there."  Couldn't really ask for a better report.

Alden, on the other hand, was not very excited to have Kailey leaving for the day.  He has so enjoyed having his sister around more this summer. 

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