Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Theater Camp

Kai spent last week at the B Street Theater Camp.  Three of her friends from Courtyard were also at the camp, which made for an extra-fun week.  Kai has no trouble making friends and bonds with other children quickly in any situation.  So, at the other camps she's been to this summer where she hasn't known any of the other children at the start, she's had close friends by the end.  But, it's even more fun to share the camp experience with kids she knows well and be able to relive the experience in the months to come when they are back at school. 

Kai also has a bit of stage fright that she has been overcoming since her earliest schooling days as she has participated in various performances.  I think it's good she's done other drama programs, jazzerttes, soccer, and that her school also gives the kids many opportunities to get in front of an audience and speak, sing, play music or dance.  She is getting more and more comfortable with being in front of a crowd. 

The B Street camp ends with a performance -- each of the kids gets a few lines in the play and also participates in a commercial.  Kai practiced her lines all week and was very excited for the performance.  She said she was nervous, but mostly excited.  And, when she was up on stage, it looked like she was having a great time.  She remembered all of her lines, and had a huge smile on her face.  She really didn't look nervous at all.

It was also fun to see her classmates -- kids we have gotten to really know over the last year -- perform.  It's really nice to be forming such a close community with other parents and kids here -- it's something we failed to do in Oakland, and I'm really glad we've spent the time building up these relationships here. 

We weren't allowed to take videos of the performance, but I did get some photos and videos in between the performances (they got to perform the play twice -- which was nice, because we got to see it from different seats and notice things we missed the first time around).  During the break in between, we let Alden get up on the stage and he LOVED it.  He danced and ran around, squealing with excitement.  He was so excited to be up on the stage where Kai had just performed.  He can't wait for his moment in the spotlight! 

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