Monday, August 17, 2015


Alden has really taken to reading books, lately.  He says "bok" and signs the word for book, slapping his hands together and then making a little v-shape.  He has definite preferences about which book he wants to read.  If you grab the wrong book, he shakes his head vigorously and points to the stack of books (it could be any of the books in the stack) and says"bok" and signs again.  I know, I know -- you want to read.  But, which one?  I'll take another book from the pile and he'll shake his head again, this time shouting in frustration.  But, eventually, we find the one he wants (it's generally not the same one each time -- that would be too easy).

Last night we read 10 Minutes to Bedtime, and Alden was so participatory in the reading of the book.  On the first page, when the hamsters are arriving in the cars, Alden said, "vrrrooooommmmm.... vrrroooommmmm" which is what he says whenever he sees a car.  I affirmed that there were cars.  Then when the little hamsters are eating their snacks, he signed "eat" and said "yummmmmm".  I agreed that they were eating and it looked good.  Then when they brush teeth, Alden waggled his finger in front of his mouth. On the page where they read the book, he shouted "bok" and signed the word for book at the same time.  We turned the page and he saw the hamsters in the tub and signed the word for "bath".  Finally, when the hamsters and the little boy headed to bed, he signed sleep, putting his face on his cheek.

As soon as I closed the book, Alden pointed at the stack of books and signed again.  So, I grabbed the A-B-C book by Eric Carle.  When we got to the B word, I asked him what it was and he said, "brrrdd", rolling his r.  And then I asked him what sound it makes and he said, "aaaaa" (for "caw" but he doesn't do the c sound) . When we got to the dog I asked him what sound the dog makes and he said "rrrrrrraaaaaaa".  He loves identifying the animals and learning the sounds they make.  But, his favorite part is signing the A-B-Cs at the end of the book.  After finishing the song, he clapped appreciatively and then signed for me to sing it again.  So, I did. I love how he reads along with me.

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