Monday, August 17, 2015

Harry Potter

Kai has a new obsession -- Harry Potter.  She loves all things of the wizarding world.  I thought she was a bit young for it all, but she's reading the books and asks a million questions a day about the intricacies of Hogwarts, Muggles and Wizards.  Of course, I don't know the answers to the questions. I've seen the movies, but I don't really remember the details of the plots.  And, I never read the books.

Fortunately for Kailey, our nanny is a Harry Potter aficionado and has been able to answer all variety of questions.  She has also shown Kai some rap songs that have been changed to be about Harry Potter.  Kai has spent the last week learning one of them and practicing signing and dancing with her black cape on.

She's moving away from princesses and Fozen and pink.  Her favorite color is now teal.  Her favorite movie Harry Potter.  Still deep into the world of make believe, but it's evolving.  More nuances and magic and imagination.  Less pink and frills and fluff.  I'm not sure Harry Potter would have been my first choice of things to take an interest in -- but, it's fun to see her tastes evolve and her world expand.

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