Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Car Dancing

Alden has always loved music.  Back in the days when he hated (HATED) the car, the only thing that had any hope of calming him down was playing Music Together CDs.   He sings along to his favorite songs and, when we were in DC riding in the cab, he pointed at the speaker and said, "ahhhh... laaaaaa... ahhh"... singing and pointing to let us know that he had identified the source of music in the vehicle.  It was so cute. 

Lately, he has taken to car dancing.  It's hard not to be totally fixated on him when driving because he puts on quite a show, clapping his hands, moving his arms side to side, bouncing to the beat, banging his head on the back of the car seat, kicking his feet.  I pulled over to get this video (of course) -- and he wasn't nearly as exuberant as he is when the car is moving, but still, it's a peek into what our driving time is like these days:

Kai dances with him and he copies her moves and then invents some of his own for her to copy.  They entertain each other endlessly in the car.  It's still loud, but instead of wailing loud it's happy shouts and squeals of laughter... I'll take it!

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