Saturday, June 20, 2015


Alden has taken an interest in walking.  He's been capable of walking for some time.  He's able to balance and push a chair around.  He's been cruising along the furniture since he was like 7 months old.  But, walking has been of little interest to him.  Even holding onto a hand.

Part of it was getting used to the forward facing style of moving -- as opposed to the sideways shuffle he uses when holding onto the furniture.  For awhile, whenever we held his hands, he'd still try to go sideways, sticking his belly out and jutting one hip further than the other.  This, of course, creates all sorts of balance issues. 

Add to that the fact that he can get anywhere - and fast - crawling, and I think he saw little need.  He even bear walks whenever there's something he wants his tummy and knees to avoid. 

But, lately, he's been standing more and attempting a step here and there.  And then, last night, he just TOOK to it.  He started walking across the room.  And he did it.  And then he was so excited, he wanted to do it again. And again.  And faster.  And faster.  He'd pop up but he'd be going so fast he'd tumble over.  And then he'd pop up again and fall forward from the momentum.  He rolled around, hardly able to contain himself. It was quite funny.  I am convinced he really only has an interest in running and the walking is going to be a brief interlude between the two styles (ie crawling and running).  Things are about to get exhausting around here (maybe the days of not sleeping will be replaced by the days of chasing a speedy toddler around and the overall level of exhaustion will be a wash?  A girl can dream). 

Here Alden is at the tail end of his spaz walking/running extravaganza.  He's racing towards toddlerhood!

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