Saturday, June 20, 2015

End of 1st Grade

Kai is done with 1st grade.  Crazy.  She's going to be in 2nd grade this fall. That blows my mind.  I'm excited about 2nd grade for her.  I think (hope!) that her teacher is going to be great.  And, she's returning to the same school this fall with the same set of friends... a first for her in her short schooling life (since she was in Spanish school, then Thornhill, then Courtyard).  I think the stability will be good.  It seems we've found a good place for her -- I'm hoping it continues. 

That said, Kai struggled to stay on task as the end of school wrapped up and got in trouble more often for not listening as the days wore on.  She was ready for a summer break. I used to be a bit of a proponent of year round school, but I've changed my mind.  Kai needed a break from school.  As much as we love Courtyard, she needed to not be in a place where she was having to sit still and follow directions for 6 hours a day.  Kai so so active and energetic and talkative -- she was able to really be on her game the first half of the year, but towards the end, she was just done. 

And, of course, this is how adults are lots of times too.  It's not just about being 7.  We all need breaks.  We all hit that point with our jobs or our daily grind that we HAVE to mix it up or we will lose it.  I think Kai was at that point, a bit.  It's good to remember that kids have a breaking point, too and that they also just need a bit of a breather sometimes. I'm glad she gets one this summer. And, what a summer it's going to be:  Art Beast Camp, Zoo camp, a week with our nannies (she's looking forward to playing with Alden and Will), TWO weeks with Nonnie and Papa (one at their house by herself!), Washington DC, theater camp, Courtyard camp, camping with friends, a week at the beach, and then a final week at Courtyard and with our nannies... it's actually busier than I intended her to be.  We have so much going on, I feel like it's just going to fly by.  But, I also think she'll have a good time and it's definitely a break from the usual routine. 

Despite some small struggles, she finished strong and, most importantly, she finished feeling good about herself and what she accomplished in 1st grade.  On one of the last days, she brought home her "1st Grade Memory Book" -- a book they created, a page for each month, throughout the year.  It's so special.  Her teacher is so amazing!  I took a picture of each page -- they really capture Courtyard and Kai's first year at this special school. 

Here's to summer vacation!  I've got to get Kai doing a scrapbook again this summer -- she has so much going on.  And, hopefully I will find time to post a bit more and keep track of all of our adventures.  

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