Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Peek a Boo

Every once in awhile I get a moment of inspiration (and a moment of time!) when I realize I should catch up on my blog!  And, I have so many things I want to record.  So many moments of their lives I want to capture.  I actually get consumed by guilt sometimes at how much I am NOT capturing.  I read some blogs of mommies that write every day.  Every.  Day.  I can't do that.  I barely can fit in time to write in the sporadic, three posts one day and then no posts for a month fashion that I write now.  I capture bits and spurts of them. I try to capture their essence. 

Anyway, one of those moments -- something we've been delighting in that I know I'll forget in the years to come if I don't write it down and capture it here -- is Alden playing peek a boo.  He's hilarious.  He covers his face with one of his hands or both, he waits for us to say, "where's Alden" and then removes his hands with such flair.  I haven't gotten a great video of it -- but, this at least captures the flavor of it (the essence, if you will!):

The other thing that he does that is hilarious is look at us out of the tops of his eyes while grimacing.  It's a bit of a demon face.  It's so funny. He's copying us -- but, when he does it, it just slays us.  We do it back to him and then he does.  He does seem to get that it's a look to use when he is super serious about something, and so will sometimes flash the look at us when he really wants something.  It's even funnier when he uses the look somewhat correctly. I haven't captured it on camera.  I must try.  If I do, I'll update here.  But, at least even writing about the look will help me remember these moments years from now. 

Three posts in one night -- it's all about the essence of these times, if not all of the tiny moments that I wish I could bottle up and remember forever. 

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