Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day

Kailey's class prepared a special Mother's Day treat for us.  I know in a few years, she won't be doing these sorts of things anymore, and I'll miss the sweet songs and the handwritten notes.  I arrived at the classroom and Kailey escorted me to her desk, where there were some paper flowers she had made, a couple of pictures, and a paragraph she wrote about me.  Then Kailey asked me what I wanted to drink (coffee, tea or juice) and what I wanted to eat (there were a variety of different kinds of muffins) and fetched my order for me.  It was darling to see all the kids running around gathering food and drink for us -- the coffee was quite cold, which I guess was good since the kids kept nearly colliding with one another!)

The paragraph was funny -- translation below (with my own comments added in the parenthesis):

  • My mom is 43 years old (as she read it to me Kai said -- "ignore that! I don't know how old you are!!  I was just guessing."  At least she was in the ballpark -- some moms got over 100 and some as young as 23). 

  • She likes to make Blue Apron (I don't know that this is a "like".  I think it's hilarious that so much of what she wrote focuses on Blue Apron.  We get a couple of meals ordered through Blue Apron every week.  Kai likes a few of the meals, but mostly she doesn't like the meals.  But, because it comes in the mail and it's a thing we do every week -- it's become a big association for her. Meaning, she associates it with me.  I suppose the positive spin is that she knows we cook and eat together every day -- and that Blue Apron is the symbol of the meals we have as a family.  Or she just couldn't think of anything else to write about.  That's equally possible).

  • Her favorite food is Blue Apron (Blue Apron is a meal service -- not a food per se... but, I think I get her point)

  • Her favorite thing to do is relax and nothing (Kailey said, "I don't know what you like to do!  I couldn't think of anything so I wrote nothing."  I had to laugh.  I also don't ever know how to answer that question.  When people ask me what my hobbies are or what I like to do in my free time my first thought is always, "what free time?"  And, when I have free time, I do just like to veg out with a movie or a game or a book.  I don't really have any hobbies.  So, I get why this question stumped her).

  • We like to play together (true)

  • She is really good at cooking (back to the theme of the thing she sees me doing the most -- since I make them breakfast and dinner every day, and those are the hours we mostly spend together.  Sometimes I wish there were a way to have these meals magically appear so we could spend time together doing something else -- I think reading this made me realize how much time I spend in the kitchen.  But, they do need to get fed!)

  • I would like to give my mom a necklace

  • My mom is special because she has Rocksbox and Blue Apron (ummm... Ok!)

So, that was her paragraph about me.  Pretty cute. 

The pictures were cute -- my lips are so large!  And in the second one, Kai was trying to draw me in a particular sweater I own (although, I'm not really sure which one).

Then the class sang a song and recite a poem:

It was a special celebration.  

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