Thursday, April 23, 2015

Accident Prone

Alden is at my least favorite age in terms of child safety.  He's at a fabulous age for watching his mind unfold, his language develop and the discoveries he makes.  But, children between the age of one and two have no understanding of cause and effect.  They have no sense of danger.  Every little shiny object is to be examined and ingested, if at all possible.  Every object that mama or daddy holds is something to be grabbed and examined.  It's exhausting keeping a one year old safe from themselves.

And, quite frankly, we've had a few fails the last couple of weekends.  Although, we are going in decreasing levels of severity -- so, who knows, maybe this weekend will be injury free?

Three weekends ago, we spent the weekend in a hospital in Tahoe (I previously wrote about that).

Two weekends ago -- Alden managed to swipe Eric's coffee mug off the counter moments after Eric had poured coffee into it, and dumped it on his leg.  He was in a sleeper, and we immediately held his leg under the faucet and ripped the sleeper off.  It was terrible.  Burns hurt so much, and Alden was screaming.  After holding it under the cold water for several minutes, we examined the injury and decided he needed to have a doctor look at it.  So, it was back to the ER, where he got special burn cream and bandages.  Luckily, the cream seems to have worked miracles and today, you can hardly see any scar at all on his leg. 

Last weekend, Alden pulled himself up on the screen door that leads from our sunroom to the concrete back patio.  And, the door swung open and out Alden tumbled, resulting on two cuts on his head and more tears. 

It's been a rough couple of weeks of Alden's second year on the planet.  Hopefully we can avoid any injuries this coming weekend as we celebrate Kai's birthday (again! It's party time!) 

Do a little sun dance for us -- somehow there is rain predicted on Saturday (rain - in drought-ridden California.  We NEVER have rain anymore... but, of course, the weekend we planned her party, it is likely to rain.  Which means 20 six and seven year olds tearing up our house.  Fun times).

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