Tuesday, March 3, 2015

11 Months!

Alden is now at an age where he loves being outside and playing.  The park has become a fun place to go -- because he can actually go on the swings and the slide (with the help of his big sister) or play on the other baby toys.   He has his pointer finger ready whenever we are out, pointing at every little thing he sees and looking at us expectantly so we can name the object for him.  It's so cute. 

He also has loved music class this session.  We missed many classes because of illness and work schedules, so I almost didn't sign him up again.  But, he has such fun dancing and playing the instruments and bopping along to the beat.  After taking him last week, I decided we had to do it again.  He loves it.  We listen to the songs in the car and he pushes his feet against the back of the seat, bouncing up and down to the music and shaking his head from side to side.  It's hilarious to watch -- and quite distracting.  Hard to keep my eyes on the road when he is putting on such a show in the backseat. 

I cannot believe he's already 11 months!!  Birthday party planning is in full swing.  We'll be spending the day outside (weather permitting) and I'm thinking we need to have lots of music at the party since this little guy really loves a song. 

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