Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Language developments

Alden has really slowed down in the growth department lately and also seems much less interested in perfecting new motor skills (he has the speed crawl/pull himself up using any object at last a foot off the ground/lower self/and repeat down to a science)... And, instead, he seems intent at learning how to begin to communicate!  It shocks me when he busts out with a word that I understand.  This weekend he pointed at a ball and said "BA".  When I affirmed that he was right, his face lit up.  So proud to be understood!  He did the same thing with "dog" and "hi".  And he has started waving hello to people,clapping and waving goodbye.

This morning when he woke up he crawled on to my chest and thrust his hand in my face signing the word for "milk".  I asked him if he wanted milk and he smiled so big... So pleased to have expressed his wish and pleased further still when his wish was granted.

Alden always has his pointer finger ready... Asking us to name the world around him.  It's fun to start communicating with him.  I remember this time with Kai, too (although she was STUBBORN about not signing!). It's amazing to begin to be understood (for both him and us!)

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