Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Kailey cracks us up every day.  I wish I spent more time writing down the funny things she says. But, here are two recent things that cracked me up:

We were walking around the Capitol grounds with my parents on a day that there was a swarm of teenagers in fancy suits running around.  They were there for YMCA week, which is a chance for teens to visit the Capitol, meet their representatives, and participate in some mock hearings and law making.  We walked past two teens who were taking photos of each other.  They were dressed in suits that looked like they could double as nightclub attire.  Very low cut.  High, high heels.  Lots of make-up.  They were giggling and being girly and they asked if we would take a picture of them together, which we obliged.  One of them threw her arm around the other and they posed with their hips jutted out trying to look grown up but, really, looking every bit a tween.  Kai watched them, wide-mouthed, taking it all in.  After we returned their camera to them and were walking away, Kai turned to us and said, "well, that was awkward."


Kai doesn't really get the morning rush to get out of the house.  She is easily distracted by every little scrap of paper or pencil that crosses her path, stopping whatever she is supposed to be doing in order to doodle or write a note.  It drives me batty.  Last week, Kai was failing to get her shoes and socks on and was, instead, drawing a liberty bell.  I implored her to get going and she said, "Mama! I'm drawing the LIBERTY bell."  I told her that this was really not the time for drawing bells and she corrected me, "it's not A bell... it's the LIBERTY bell."  I told her it wasn't the time to draw liberty bells either to which she replied, "WHAT?!  Do you want LIBERTY?  Do you want FREENESS?"

Freeness from the morning madness.  That's what I want. 

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