Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And she scores!

Kai has loved playing basketball this winter.  Sort of surprising, really.  She didn't love soccer, even though she's more of an outdoorsy kid.  And she completely lost it her first basketball game because the combination of an audience and the very loud buzzer freaked her out.  But, since that time, she has gotten into a groove with basketball. 

Kai is a bit on the short side and the baskets are high, so I also thought that would frustrate her.  Instead, Kai spent the season perfecting the granny shot. And she's full of hustle on the court.  This last game, she made every basket she attempted. 

Neither Eric or I like basketball much, but we've had a blast watching her this season and seeing all the improvements. Next week is her last game, and we're both already looking forward to next season.  Crazy how parenthood changes every little thing.

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