Monday, February 9, 2015

VIdeo Update

Since I've been so delinquent in posting in this space, I thought I'd just post a few videos from the last month.

First up, Kailey LOVES ice skating.  She's been taking lessons at our local rink (we have a local rink... it's walking distance to the house!)  She asks to go every weekend on the days when there is no lesson and begs to stay at the end of each lesson.  She's made quick progress.  This video is from her first class -- and they had them skating backwards!

Alden LOVES eating.  He doesn't like baby food.  If it comes out of a pouch, he generally rejects it.  Unless, of course, Will is eating it (Will is the baby that comes for our nanny share).  He'll eat Will's baby food.  But, otherwise, no baby food.  So far he hasn't found a regular food he doesn't like (although, the orange our nanny gave him disagreed with him... he got terrible diaper rash).  He also just enjoys mealtime.  Observe:

Finally, Alden is sort of, kind of getting signs down.  He can do the milk sign, but he signs it for "milk" and for "more" and also as a way of getting our attention.  If you ask him to say "milk", he'll do the sign.  But, if you ask him to say "more", he'll sign "milk" but look at his other hand as if to say, "what is it that I'm supposed to do with this other hand?"  It's funny.  I have to remind myself that Kai was quite a bit older than Alden before she took off with the signing.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that Alden is only 10 months old -- since he's in the clothes Kai work from 18 months - 2 years!!   Here's Alden saying hello:

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