Sunday, February 22, 2015

Little Dribblers

Kailey is on a basketball team through school this year.  I love how her school coordinates so many of the activities on site.  It really is a school made for working parents!  The coaches are two of the dads of other 1st graders and they have practice once a week at school (during the afterschool camp program) -- so, we don't have to pick her up and get her somewhere.  The games are against other private schools on Saturdays.  The 1st grade girls always play at 1 PM, so it's easy to remember. 

Better than all that, Kailey has really enjoyed it.  The first game was a bit of a disaster, so we were really not sure if she was going to take to it.  She had been having fun at the practices with her friends leading up to the first game, but she was wholly unprepared for the audience, the buzzer, and the other team when it came to game time.  She watched the 2nd grade boys - who play at noon - for a few minutes leading up to their game and promptly burst into tears and started yelling, "I'm not going to do this." 

I basically played along that game.  Walking up and down the court with her, while she clung to my leg.  It was fun. 

After that game, in typical Kailey style, she had a chance to process the whole thing.  She talked to us about how she hated the buzzer and people watching her.  We got her ready for the next game, even getting them to forego the buzzer (it's really unnecessary at this age!) She did great in her second game and has improved every game since then.

Kai has a hard time getting the ball to the hoop, given her size.  But, she's determined and over the course of the season has perfected the granny shot!  Observe:

Her principal commented to us the other day how much he likes to watch Kailey play because she's so focused and determined.  I love how she overcomes challenges -- whether it be fear of playing in front of an audience or the challenge of how to get a basketball up so high when one is on the small side.  One thing about Kailey, she always finds a way.

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