Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Kai is not really a performer.  Some kids will dance and sing and act for just about anyone.  They like to show off their tricks and regale an audience.  Not Kailey.  She likes to perfect her skills behind closed doors and, even once perfected, she isn't one for putting them on display. 

That said, school has been helpful in drawing Kai's performing abilities out.  Since Kindergarten, she's been in settings where she was able to perform as part of a group.  Kai is emboldened by having her friends and classmates around her.

Her first few drama performances in Kindergarten, she was still timid when she was on stage.  But, as she got more performances under her belt, we started to see her let loose when on stage.  During Kai's Opera Performance at the end of her Kindergarten year, she didn't seem nervous at all.

That trend has continued this year.  Over the weekend, Kai had her Jazzerettes performance and - seriously - she was on fire.  She attacked those songs.  One of the other moms said to me, "your little white girl has RYTHYM."  She really did.  I'm trying to get a copy of the video so I can put it on the blog.  She owned that performance. 

Then, yesterday, she had the winter performance at her school.  They recited a poem "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow" -- and, again, Kai was effervescent on stage.  She was having such a good time.  And one of the dads said, "Kai could be a talk show host!"  Her charisma was shining through.

Not sure this link will be good for all of time -- but this is the link to her performance:  http://youtu.be/7t16tdZIHCg 

I'm so glad she is learning how to get up in front of an audience and perform.  It's not easy.  It took me until I was well into adulthood and having to do public speaking on a regular basis that I got comfortable with being the center of attention.  And, Kai still hasn't moved to being the sole performer or speaker.  But, she's come a long way. 

After the performance Kai told us she was scared but that being scared helps her to be even better.  She has always been a kid that can overcome any challenge -- since her earliest days as a 3 pound baby surrounded by the lights and noises in the NICU to her now 6-year old self that can command a stage and draw everyone's eyes to her.  She is a remarkable kid. 

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