Monday, December 15, 2014

Family Pictures

For the first time, we got professional photographs taken of our family.  Since Eric and I never had a wedding or any other formal event, we've never had professional pictures even of just the two of us.  And, we haven't had them with the kids either.  My boss is a great photographer and she took baby pictures of Kai and Alden, but this is the first time we have pictures of all of us. 

I never get around to these kinds of things -- but, another mom at Kai's school organized a "photo party".  Basically, each family reserves 20 minutes of time for their photo shoot.  You just show up for your 20 minutes, pay the photographer your portion of the sitting fee, and then get a cd with all the prints from your sitting.

Now I am kicking myself for never having gotten around to this before -- I love the pictures she took!  My goal is to do this much more often in the future. 


Looking through these -- it is craazzzyyyyyy how long Alden is! In the picture where Eric is holding him -- he's the size of a two year old, practically.  8 months.  He's 8 months in these pictures.  

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