Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dessert, Defined

On Tuesday after dinner Kailey said to me, "Mama, can I pleeeassseeee have dessert?  I haven't had dessert in SOOO long."

I replied, "Kailey! You just had cookies and brownies after your winter performance last night."

She agreed and added, "And today at our Jazzerettes celebration I had skittles and cookies and popcorn!"

"OK, then what do you mean you haven't had dessert in so long?" I asked.

"MAMA," she retorted, "Dessert is something you have after DINNER.  It's a treat after you eat your DINNER.  Those were just treats I had for other things.  They were NOT dessert."

Dessert.  Defined.  This kid is a lawyer in the making.

(I should add, I looked up the definition and she's right -- it is the final course of a meal so, technically, those other treats were not dessert. Glad to see her mastering the English language!)

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