Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finding the Fun

About a month ago, we were in Portland and Leo and Soren met Alden for the first time.  Being the baby that he is, Alden squirmed around and was passed from adult to adult.  Leo and Soren didn't have much to do with him.  Later on, Amy texted that she had asked the boys what they thought of Alden and they said, "he's boring like any baby" but that "when he gets older, he'll be fun!"

We shared the twins' assessment of Alden with Kailey.  She didn't really say much at the time, but about a week later, she was playing with Alden while he bounced in his bouncy chair and they were both cracking each other up.  Afterwards, Kai said, "I found the fun in Alden!  Leo and Soren didn't find it... but, it's there!"

What a great way to put it -- she found the fun!

Here they are finding the fun together:

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