Monday, October 27, 2014

A Book by Kailey

Kailey has been writing books at school.  I remember spending endless hours writing books as a child, and I love that she is getting into the writing process.  I also love her phonetic spelling, although, it does take some translating!  Here's her latest creation.

It says "By Kailey.  Mad at sool.  Mad in 2014.  Fro Kis.  The Sekerit Feres." 
Translation: By Kailey.  Made at school.  Made in 2014.  For kids.  The Secret Fairies.

It says: Wous a pon a tim. Dewus three fairys.  Not gist odune fairys.  Da wrol sekit fairys."
Translation:  Once upon a time there were three fairies.  Not just ordinary fairies.  They were secret fairies.

Unfortunately, that is as far as she got in her story -- but, I'm hooked!  I love the spelling of ordinary. 

If she finishes the story, I'll post more!

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