Monday, September 29, 2014

These are a few of his favorite things

I was re-reading old posts the other day, and really enjoying the fact that I recorded some of the things Kailey really liked when she was Alden's age.  I never would remember those little details if I had not wrote it down (patting myself on the back for keeping a blog all these years, nothing like a little self-congratulation now and then!)  So, in that spirit, I thought I'd do another one of those posts for Alden.  I'm going to interview Kailey later on and have her complete the list herself -- since, she's old enough to tell me her own favorite things! 

But, here are the categories I jotted down for Kai when she was six months old -- now updated for Alden!

Book: Little Blue Truck (although, he really seems to like all his books)

Color: I haven't noticed him gravitating towards a particular color

Real Animal: Alden hasn't really taken to real animals much.  I think Abby is too old and lays around too much -- he may not realize she's real.  He doesn't react much when other animals cross our path.  Maybe soon.

Stuffed Animal: Octopus (Katie gave him a toy octopus that he really digs)

Hold: Alden doesn't like to be held in one position for very long. He likes to move.  He certainly wants to see out while being held -- but, he's rarely content to stay in any one hold for very long and he likes to be on his belly the most of all.  Alden learned to roll onto his belly when he was just 2.5 months old and he's been doing that ever since. Now that he can commando crawl, he really wants to get on his belly so he can move around.

Song: Let It Go.  Alden has been listening to Let It Go since he was in utero.  And, man, he LOVES that song.  I've reported on how much he HATES the car.  The one thing that can get him to stop screaming in the car is to play Let It Go on loop.  He stops crying immediately and tilts his head to the side as if to say, "oh! It's my song!"  He loves that song. 

Outfit: Alden has the BEST clothes (thanks to the hand-me-downs from my friend Leecia).  They are all super soft and comfortable.  Alden seems to love them all. 

Activities: Crawling (commando crawling), going on walks in the stroller, laying on his belly on a blanket in the grass, tasting ever object that comes into his orbit, talking to/looking at/playing with his sister (Alden's favorite activities by far involve Kailey -- he LOVES being around Kailey), sitting in on meetings (OK -- maybe that's not his favorite activity, but he is quite good at it and has spent a LOT of time in meetings.  I had him at a 3 hour meeting the other day and he was sitting on my lap, holding onto the table in front of him, and staring intently at whoever was talking.  It was SO distracting for everyone else in the meeting.  He wasn't crying of fussing -- people just aren't used to having this little baby staring at them as if to say, "is that so?"  It was so funny), jumping and spinning in his Johnny Jumper (you know those things that you put in a doorway that they can jump up and down in), standing and playing in his play saucer, eating (oh my!  We just started him on rice cereal and he lunges at the spoon as if he hasn't seen food in a week.  He has downed 3 bowls in the last 12 hours!  We're excited to start trying new foods), smiling at people (he has the BEST smile and flashes it wherever we go -- so many people stop and comment on his brilliant smile!)

Toys: spoons, spatulas, balls with rattles inside them, his teething ring (especially when it's icy), the whinnie-the-pooh toys that surround his play saucer, his toy monkey (it has a crinkly ear that he loves), mirrors (real mirrors -- he likes looking at himself).

So, those are a few of his favorite things.  I'll have to do these posts more often -- it's fun to really think about what it is that Alden is into these days. 

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