Friday, September 5, 2014

First Tooth!

Alden has been really fussy lately, especially at night (fussy is an understatement -- he wakes up screaming and it's hard to console him... even feeding him hasn't always worked).  And the drool.  Ohhh... the drool.  Every day, he goes through multiple onesies.  A friend of mine told me about teething bibs -- which have been great at saving us multiple outfit changes throughout the day.  He's also been gnawing away at his hands, my hands, his toys, blankets -- anything to relieve the pain.  So, teething.  Obviously, he's been teething.  He hasn't spiked a fever the way Kai did with every. single. tooth.  So, that's good.  But, I don't remember Kailey being quite so upset and drooly.  Trade-offs, I suppose.

But, all the pain seems to have paid off.  I was examining Alden's gums today and noticed a bit of white peeking through his most swollen area on his lower gum.  And so I felt it and - yup! - it's his first tooth, just starting to poke through.  His top gum and the area right next to where the new tooth has appeared are also really swollen... so, I don't think the fussy nights or the drool are behind us yet.  But, he's got a tooth! 

Once it pokes through a bit more, I'll get a picture. 

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